No Direct3D 12 Support for Fermi Based Geforce Graphic Cards Yet – Could Land in Q1 2016


Nvidia originally promised DirectX 12 support for Fermi, Maxwell and Kepler based graphic cards. While Maxwell and Kepler were supported from the get go, Fermi support was delayed till the end of the year in an official statement by Nvidia. We have been asking Nvidia for updates throughout the way and their answer remained the same - that it was coming by the end of the year. Since 2015 is over and support has yet to arrive (unless they release it tomorrow), I thought it was time to do an official status update.

Nvidia Fermi GPUs still don't have DX12 support

DirectX 12 is a game changing API. It is not only a performance booster - but unlocks advanced features for game engines as well. That said, we also know thanks to white papers that Fermi barely qualifies for DX12 support. Infact, it does not fully support major features (if at all) - like Async Compute. It is because of this that we originally expected Fermi to not qualify for the same but at the time of release the company made the following comments:

For gamers, Windows 10’s DirectX 12 is the focus of attention, enabling the creation of new, more advanced visual effects, and higher performance in DirectX 12-optimized games. With the Game Ready driver, Maxwell and Kepler GPUs offer complete support for DirectX 12. Fermi-based GPUs will gain support for DirectX 12 titles later this year, around the arrival of the first wave of DirectX 12 content. And of course, we’ll be ready and waiting with Game Ready drivers to add performance optimizations, SLI profiles, and much, much more.

Nvidia mentioned that the support would be arriving sometime by the end of this year and by the time the first wave of DX12 content lands. 2015 is practically over and there still hasn't been any word from green. To be fair to them however, DX12 content is still scarce - so it is entirely possible that they are waiting for some actual titles to land before rolling out support for Fermi GPUs. There have been rumors that the low end offerings of the Geforce 900 series will come in Fermi flavors as well - and if those turn out to be true it will mean that the company has 900 series graphic cards without DX12 support

Here is a complete list of graphic cards from Nvidia that were promised the DX12 status:

Model GPUCUDA Cores TMUROPArchitectureResource Binding Conservative RasterTiled ResourcesRaster Order ViewsTyped UAV FormatDX12 API Feature Level
Geforce GT 440 GF10896164Fermi101No0D3D12 Support Delayed.
GeForce GTS 450GF1061923216Fermi101No0D3D12 Support Delayed.
GeForce GTX 460 SEGF1042884832Fermi101No0D3D12 Support Delayed.
GeForce GTX 460GF1043365624Fermi101No0D3D12 Support Delayed.
GeForce GTX 465GF1003524432Fermi101No0D3D12 Support Delayed.
GeForce GTX 470GF1004485640Fermi101No0D3D12 Support Delayed.
GeForce GTX 480GF1004806048Fermi101No0D3D12 Support Delayed.
GeForce 520GF1194884Fermi101No0D3D12 Support Delayed.
GeForce GTX 545 DDR3GF1161442416Fermi101No0D3D12 Support Delayed.
GeForce GTX 550 TiGF1161923224Fermi101No0D3D12 Support Delayed.
GeForce GTX 560GF1143365632Fermi101No0D3D12 Support Delayed.
GeForce GTX 560 TiGF1143846432Fermi101No0D3D12 Support Delayed.
GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448 Cores Limited EditionGF1104485640Fermi101No0D3D12 Support Delayed.
GeForce GTX 570GF1104806040Fermi101No0D3D12 Support Delayed.
GeForce GTX 580GF1105126448Fermi101No0D3D12 Support Delayed.
GeForce GTX 590GF110 (x2)102412896Fermi101No0D3D12 Support Delayed.
Geforce GT 610 GF1194884Fermi101No0D3D12 Support Delayed.
Geforce GT 620GF10896164Fermi101No0D3D12 Support Delayed.
Geforce GT 640 GF1161442424Fermi101No0D3D12 Support Delayed.
GeForce GT 730
(128b DDR3)
GF10896164Fermi101No0D3D12 Support Delayed.
Geforce GT 630 GK107 1921616Kepler202No011_0 + Partial 11_1 support
Geforce GT 630 Rev 2GK208384168Kepler202No011_0 + Partial 11_1 support
Geforce GT 640 Rev 2Gk208384328Kepler202No011_0 + Partial 11_1 support
GeForce GTX 650GK1073843216Kepler202No011_0 + Partial 11_1 support
GeForce GTX 650 TiGK1067686416Kepler202No011_0 + Partial 11_1 support
GeForce GTX 650 Ti BoostGK1067686424Kepler202No011_0 + Partial 11_1 support
GeForce GTX 660GK1069608024Kepler202No011_0 + Partial 11_1 support
GeForce GTX 660 TiGK104134411224Kepler202No011_0 + Partial 11_1 support
Geforce GTX 670GK104134411232Kepler202No011_0 + Partial 11_1 support
GeForce GTX 680GK104153612832Kepler202No011_0 + Partial 11_1 support
GeForce GTX 690GK104 (x2)307225664Kepler202No011_0 + Partial 11_1 support
GeForce GT 720GK208192168Kepler202No011_0 + Partial 11_1 support
GeForce GT 730 (GDDR5)GK208384328Kepler202No011_0 + Partial 11_1 support
GeForce GT 740GK1073843216Kepler202No011_0 + Partial 11_1 support
GeForce GTX 760GK10411529632Kepler202No011_0 + Partial 11_1 support
GeForce GTX 760 TiGK104134411232Kepler202No011_0 + Partial 11_1 support
GeForce GTX 770GK104153612832Kepler202No011_0 + Partial 11_1 support
GeForce GTX 780GK110230419248Kepler202No011_0 + Partial 11_1 support
GeForce GTX 780 TiGK110288024048Kepler202No011_0 + Partial 11_1 support
GeForce GTX TitanGK110268822448Kepler202No011_0 + Partial 11_1 support
GeForce GTX Titan BlackGK110288024048Kepler202No011_0 + Partial 11_1 support
GeForce GTX Titan ZGK110 (x2)576048096Kepler202No011_0 + Partial 11_1 support
GeForce GTX 750GM1075123216Maxwell 1st Generation202No112_0
GeForce GTX 750 TiGM1076404016Maxwell 1st Generation202No112_0
GeForce GTX 950GM2067684832Maxwell 2nd Generation223Yes112_1
GeForce GTX 960GM20610246432Maxwell 2nd Generation223Yes112_1
GeForce GTX 970GM204166410456Maxwell 2nd Generation223Yes112_1
GeForce GTX 980GM204204812864Maxwell 2nd Generation223Yes112_1
GeForce GTX 980 TiGM200281617696Maxwell 2nd Generation223Yes112_1
GeForce GTX Titan XGM200307219296Maxwell 2nd Generation223Yes112_1

Nvidia Graphic Cards List Notes:

  • Nvidia has a total of 50 base models promised with DX12 API support but only 30 base models currently supporting DX12 API. (Nvidia has yet to make on its promise of DX12 support for Fermi cards.)
  • Use the horizontal slider to view the complete feature specifications including the various hardware features.