FedEx & UPS Won’t Accept Galaxy Note 7 Returns Unless Strict Guidelines Are Followed


Returning the Galaxy Note 7 might seem like an easy process for some, but it's not. Major courier services in the United States, namely FedEx and UPS, have to follow a strict protocol, only then Note 7 returns can be made.

Strict Guidelines Must Be Followed If You're Returning the Note 7, Otherwise it Won't Ship Out

In the United States the task of returning Galaxy Note 7 units back to Samsung has been handed to FedEx and UPS. But interestingly, you just can't walk in and hand your phone to them. There is a strict set of guidelines that need to be followed by you and the courier both before things get moving.

First and foremost, you have to request the official return kit from Samsung in which you'll package the Note 7 itself. The kit is a set of fireproof boxes, approved by the United States Department of Transportation. Furthermore, neither FedEx nor UPS will accept this kit directly from any individual looking to return the device. The drop must be made to your carrier or retailer from where you got the device. Once that is done, the carrier or retailer will send the box out to UPS or FedEx for return.

FedEx and UPS will only be moving the returned units on ground, and not by air due to safety reasons. This goes on to show the graveness of the situation and how careful one must be if you're in possession of a faulty device. So please, do yourself a favor and return it before you potentially harm yourself.

If you were planning to utilize FedEx Express in order to return your Note 7, it would be wise to hold back. Here's what Jim McCluskey, a FedEx spokesperson had to say on the matter:

With Samsung discontinuing sales of its replacement Galaxy Note 7, FedEx has taken additional steps to ensure our priority on safety. FedEx Express is no longer accepting any Galaxy Note 7 devices, including those from authorized distributors.

It would be wise at this point to get yourself a new alternative device. Furthermore, you'll be pleased to learn that Samsung will throw in $100 worth of credit if you return your Note 7 and swap it for some other Galaxy device. Quite frankly, this is a good deal. You can utilize the extra credit to grab yourself some good accessories for your new device.

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