This Fallout 76 Steam Overlay Mod Allows You to Play Bethesda’s Latest With Steam Overlay


A new Fallout 76 Steam Overlay Mod has been released which allows players to play the exclusive with a Steam Overlay.

Bethesda’s online Fallout prequel is exclusively available through and players are forced to use Bethesda’s own launcher to launch and play the game. Some prefer to use the Steam overlay to chat with friends or steam the game, and this Steam overlay allows players to do so. 

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According to mod creator ‘KoBRaAndrey’, the Overlay mod automatically starts the Bethesda launcher and closes it after the game.

Those interested can download the Fallout 76 Overlay mod from Nexusmods here.

Fallout 76 is available now for PC and consoles. This mod is only available to PC players.