Facebook’s Latest Update Allows Users To Add Videos In Comments


Facebook, the most widely used social networking site, is known for constantly changing stuff to keep users attracted towards it. The site has been constantly updating a lot of stuff one example of it would be the recent change in the emoticons in private chats. Now Facebook has come up with another such update, it now allows users to add videos in comments on posts and status updates as they wish.


The new feature is a recent addition and can be done by just selecting the camera icon placed underneath a streak of replies by others. This is the same icon which was previously used to post photos in the comments of posts, now the users can upload video clips. Facebook has made this feature available on its iOS and Android apps along with the availability for regular site users as well.

As part of the company’s 50th Hackathon held earlier this year, the feature mentioned above in detail was prototyped just in a single day; however it was honed over the last few months.

Facebook engineer Bob Baldwin explained how it was "no small feat to add support across interfaces and within two heavy traffic services, like comments and videos."


We have witnessed how the social networking website has been greatly focusing on videos since the past year. The outcomes such as introducing live streaming capabilities back in January as well as the addition of the dedicated video tab in April. In addition to that some deals have been signed with the publishers in order to produce videos every month. This increased video views have greatly helped drive Facebook’s Share price up as expected. Also features more like new video uploading style, ensures that images that are not static are visible at each and every level of its network.


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