Facebook Is Testing A Data Saver Option In Its Messenger App


Facebook with its readily available videos and photos right on the news feed consumes a lot of data. While data savers are rapidly becoming a thing, some platforms are implementing it in their systems, much like what Google did with Android. Now, it seems Facebook wants its Messenger to go diet and consume less data. Let's see some more details on the Messenger data saver option/

Messenger Data Saver Option Lets The App Consume Less Data

The Messenger data saver option will allow the app to consume less data. Whether there are pictures or videos received via the Messenger app, the new option within settings will reduce the amount of data exchange. This will restrict the app from using too much data which will marginally affect the overall billing.

Back in June, we did hear that Facebook was testing a "Use Less Data" switch in its Android app. We're unsure when it will be available, but it seems the company is doing the same for its Messenger app. The functionality of the data saver option will be simple. It will simply enable the click-to-download option that lets you download certain items at your will rather than automatically loading each received item.

Messenger Data Saver

However, this will only be enabled if you are using cellular data. On Wi-Fi, Messenger will continue to download all items as soon as they are received. One of the useful aspects of the new option is that you will be able to check how much data you have saved, so you compare and contrast as well as reset it. This is useful for all of those who keep check of their monthly data plan.

This option centered towards any media content you received through the Messenger app. Moreover, the messages received and sent are not at all affected by this. There is no news for when the data saver option might arrive on Android. However, we can expect it to show up in the main branch of Facebook Messenger soon.

If you are too anxious for the feature to arrive, you can always sign up for the beta program. You can sign in through the Google Play Store. The data saver option will definitely be a neat addition in the Facebook Messenger app and very helpful for those who do their everyday communication over cellular data.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the Messenger data saver option? Do you think it will be a useful addition? Share your thoughts in the comments.