Facebook’s Siri Competitor ‘M’ Debuts In Messenger App

Not so long ago, we covered Facebook's intentions to step in the virtual assistant arena. Seemingly, the rumors of Facebook developing its own virtual assistant were true. Today, Facebook acknowledged previous reports and debuted its personal virtual assistant codenamed ''Moneypenny''. The software will be available in selected regions in the Bay Area from today under the name ''M''.


The original rumor stated that M, unlike other virtual assistants, is not a computer powered answering machine that senses keywords and commands. The other end of the software is devoted to a real live human beings who will answer queries which machines cannot. Henceforth, 'M' will be smarter than most of virtual assistants in the market.

Hey Siri, M Is A Bold Virtual Assistant

Facebook's unique virtual assistant will come to aid in real time with the easy interaction method. Users will interact with M in exactly the same way as they do with any other contact in their Messenger app. Users would receive relevant questions for their desired requests and additional information can be provided. After the desired task has been completed, M would update users for the accomplished tasks. All of the material requested will remain confidential between users and M. Therefore, privacy concerns are taken into full consideration by Facebook.

The mechanics to use M is simple. Users will just tap the small button at the bottom of the Messenger app and send a requested note to M, just like you would message any other contact from the app. Users' language will be decoded by M's software and you will be asked to provide additional information.

M would have a separate identity, which means that the virtual assistant would not have the ability to access your Facebook activity. Even though M will not interefere with your Facebook activity, it will remember the previous information that you provided. This means you won't have to provide the same information all over again on another request.


Facebook's M is an intelligent assistant with capabilities that other virtual assistants lack. For instance, you want to select a gift for your family member, M has the ability to advise you over the subject. Facebook has identified it as a unique virtual assistant. However, a lot of manpower will be required to fulfill the operation and the service could ultimately reach a dead end. But we're sure Facebook has figured something out in that regard as well.

'M' is definitely a unique virtual assistant, which will open new dimensions in the category. M is currently available to selected users in the Bay Area and hopefully soon, Facebook will roll out a major update for the remaining regions.

What do you guys think about Facebook's new virtual assistant, M? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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