Facebook Messenger Is Getting An Apple Music And Spotify Extension


Facebook is not reluctant to announce new changes in its platforms, even if it includes blatantly ripping off Snapchat Stories. Today, the company has announced a plethora of changes for its Messenger app including the new ways for applications to integrate with it. The announcements were made on the company's annual F8 developer conference. If you're excited just yet, one of the partners standing out was Apple Music and Spotify. So lets dive in to see some more details on the subject.

Facebook Messenger To Integrate With Apple Music And Spotify

If you're in for a deeper insight on the scenario, the feature will basically allow users to link to Apple Music and Spotify and share songs and playlists directly within the Facebook Messenger app. At this point in time, Apple did not detail any method for how its chat extensions will work. Spotify on the other hand detailed in a blog post about the Spotify chat extension. More or less, Apple Music's chat extensions will work in a similar way.

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Facebook announced the feature at its annual F8 developer conference. While Messenger's new music sharing feature will ship with Spotify integration, Apple Music integration is committed to  be integrated in the days to come.

Facebook is already integrated with Apple Music in the main app with the feature that lets you share songs called Music Stories. The feature basically allows users to share songs through Apple Music to Facebook feed. The music is previewed in line and can be opened directly in the Apple Music app.

Using Spotify chat extensions, users will have the ability to search and share Spotify songs, playlists and albums. The links will play the 30 second preview of the song, while tapping on it will open the full song. The Spotify bot will offer playlist recommendations to users based on their mood, genre and activity. Currently, we're not sure if Apple will introduce a feature similar to this one.

While Apple Music already offers a music sharing feature, the Facebook integration comes through the Messenger app. Since the feature is not yet available, you can also check out the extension that performs the same features right away. Apple Music is available on iOS as well as Android, so all platforms will adhere to the arrival of the feature. There will be more to the story, so be sure to stay tuned in for that.

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This is it for now folks. What are your thoughts on Apple Music and Spotify integration in the Facebook Messenger app? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.