Facebook For iPhone 6s Updated With 3D Touch Quick Actions Support


Facebook for iOS has received its long awaited update with 3D Touch support which is worth bragging about. However, as per the accustoms, the company did not post the actual changes in the update. Nonetheless, we're glad that it is finally here. Facebook's latest update for iOS now supports 3D Touch Quick Actions that enables users to access various operations right from the Home screen. However, the 3D Touch support is limited to users with iPhone 6s or 6s plus alone.

The new 3D Touch feature on the iPhone 6s lets users firmly press the display and launch quick actions right from the Home screen. In regard to Facebook's update, users can now press the app icon on the Home screen and launch Quick Action menu. The Quick Action menu of the updated Facebook app enables users to do three specific things: write post, take photos or videos and upload photos or videos.

Let's dive in to see an in-depth review of the latest Facebook update, supporting 3D Touch on iPhone 6s.

Facebook Update On iPhone 6s Adds Quick Actions For Status, Photos And More

Even though Instagram already has support for Peek and Pop, there are no signs of it on the Facebook update. Peek and Pop are simple interactive tools for reviewing a specific photo, link or anything and opening them using 3D Touch. We have seen some examples of it like the Mail app. Furthermore, the update also does not include the Live Photos feature. The update still uploads stills for the Live Photos. However, according to Apple, Facebook will support the feature before this year end.

Even though the first option says 'Write Post', you have the availability to check-in, location options and more. The remaining two options let users either take or upload photos and videos, both of which will be posted on Facebook. As we have seen in other apps, Quick Actions support up to four actions. However, with Facebook, the remaining one could have an action reserved for a similar context. Facebook's update with 3D Touch support is somewhat productive as it saves time trying to reach out to specific buttons within the app.

Currently, Facebook only supports the Quick Actions on the Home screen, the remaining options are yet to be updated. Hopefully, we will see all of the features associated with 3D Touch soon. If you own an iPhone 6s with the updated version of Facebook, share your 3D Touch experience with us in the comments.

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