Facebook for Android Now Allows HD Video Uploads


After an oddly long wait, Android users can now upload videos in HD to Facebook using the official app.

Facebook Brings HD Video Uploads to its Android App

Facebook tends to do certain things that can leave a lot of eyebrows raised in surprise. For instance, up till today, Android users couldn't upload a video to Facebook in HD. We are not making this up. The year's 2016, many Android smartphones can shoot video in 4K, and Facebook left millions of users out of the HD video party. Thankfully though, Facebook has started to roll out a feature that allows Android user to upload video to the social network in HD. All of this can be done through the official Facebook app.

In order to get started with the feature, first of all turn on the official app's Upload videos in HD feature in settings. Once that is out of the way, simply head over to your device's gallery, select an HD video and upload to the social network. Just make sure you are uploading the video using WiFi otherwise it will eat through your cellular data.

Apart from HD video uploads, Facebook is rolling out a picture-in-picture feature for videos as well. This means you can watch Facebook videos anywhere you'd like in Android without worrying about anything. Simply tap on the little arrow to float the video around. Just make sure you do not close the app otherwise it'll shut down the video as well. But that's not all, you will now be able to switch between different video qualities on the fly, just like how you do on YouTube. This is a great little addition for those who have slower Internet connections.

It's worth noting here that the above features are in process of being rolled to the official Facebook app. Some users might be able to use it right away while some may not see it at all. Exercise some patience and everything will be rolled out to you sooner rather than later.

If you haven't downloaded the official Facebook app just yet on your Android device, then you can do so absolutely free from Google Play. Tap on the link below to initiate the download.

If you are running an older version of the Facebook app, it's probably a good idea to update to the latest version right away. There are a lot of features which the social network bakes in to enhance the user experience.