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Fable Legends Leak Shows Microtransactions; Lionhead Giving Out Beta Codes Every Day


Just last week, Lionhead announced that Fable Legends had been delayed. The Open Beta will now take place in Spring 2016, since Lionhead didn't anticipate how big the game is becoming and now requires more time to polish it properly.

To be honest, we didn’t anticipate just how big Fable Legends is becoming. It’s simply the most ambitious game we’ve ever created at Lionhead. We’ve built a unique and innovative multiplayer experience combining RPG and RTS gameplay which allows you to play, and use your gear seamlessly, across Xbox One and Windows 10. On top of this, we’ve built a beautiful new world full of grand stories and adventures. And it’s taking more time than we thought.

The team is working exceptionally hard and we’re proud of how far the game has come. We’re operating our closed beta 24/7 and have added lots more features, quests, creatures, and heroes to play. Hundreds of thousands of fans have participated in the beta so far, and we can’t wait to open it up for all of you to play. To achieve our aspirations for Fable Legends, we’ve moved our open beta release to spring of 2016.

A leak from the closed beta appeared today on Reddit, though, giving gamers the first look at Fable Legends microtransactions. This isn't surprising, since the game is Free-to-Play and the developer needs to monetize it, but it gives you an idea of how much gold you can get for real money from the Bank of Brightlodge.

That said, any fears of P2W (Pay-to-Win) have been already addressed by Lionhead in their FAQ, since apparently anything that has a gameplay impact can be earned by playing.

You’ll be able to play Fable Legends from beginning to end for free. That means the whole story as it stands, plus any additional quests/storylines we release after launch will all be free.

Anything that has some kind of impact on gameplay can be bought with the silver you earn by playing the game. Anything that you can only buy with gold (the currency you’ll be able to purchase with real money) won’t have an impact on gameplay (so, stuff like cosmetic changes to your Hero, as an example).

You may not have to wait for next Spring to find out for yourself, though. In fact, Lionhead will be giving away Fable Legends beta codes on the official website every day until January 4th at 3PM EST.

There's even a countdown to help you track how much time is left before the next giveaway. Of course, you may want to register an account beforehand so that you can get a code and rush to redeem it before anyone else has the chance to.

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