Samsung Rumored To Be Working On New Exynos SoC – Is It For Galaxy S8?


In order to get ahead of the competition, it looks like Samsung is already working on the successor of its Exynos 8890, and while we don’t know its official model, we’d reckon that it’s for the company’s upcoming Galaxy S8.

Exynos 8893 Could Power The Galaxy Note 7 So The Official Name Of The SoC Could Be Exynos 8895

According to the Indian import website name Zauba, Samsung appears to be testing a new SoC named Exynos 8895. We figure that the processor configuration will comprise up of Samsung’s custom-made Mongoose cores coupled with low-power cores to tackle the less taxing tasks. With Exynos 8890, the custom Mongoose cores were paired with Cortex-A53, so it is possible that we’ll be seeing Cortex-A35 cores paired with Exynos 8895.

Cortex-A35 cores are said to be more efficient than Cortex-A53, and we are under the impression that Galaxy S8 will sport these cores alongside the company’s custom-made processor. On a side note, Galaxy S8 has been rumored to be the first smartphone from Samsung’s family to feature a 4K display.

Exynos 111

4K resolutions will consume a heck of battery life so currently, we have no clue as to how Samsung is going to end up tackling one of the biggest issues plaguing smartphones. In the age of advanced smartphones, where you have so much computing power in the palm of your fingertips, a handset is dubbed as a great performer when it comes to battery life if it is able to last more than a 24 hour period.

Despite the incorporation of Super AMOLED displays and a larger battery capacity inside Galaxy S7, we are having severe doubts over the overall battery life of Galaxy S8, but we feel that the impressive efficiency of Exynos 8895 will contribute to that greatly. Additionally, the firepower will come in quite handy when VR content rendering is the primary experience for users. It’s been stated that current generation processors lack sufficient firepower, and we feel that the upcoming Galaxy S8 will have the number of pixels and the number of processing power on its side to tackle that.


The lithography of Exynos 8895 is expected to be 10nm FinFET, but we’ll continue to update you on the remainder of the information as soon as we come across it.