Exoprimal Gets New Extended Gameplay Preview; CAPCOM Says It Has Nothing to Do with Dino Crisis


CAPCOM shared a brief new look at Exoprimal gameplay during the recent showcase event, but they have now published an extended video preview that's nearly sixteen minutes long. We've embedded that below.

IGN also relayed some new Exoprimal tidbits through an interview with Exoprimal producer Ichiro Kiyokawa and director Takuro Hiraoka. First of all, Kiyokawa-san clarified that the game is premium rather than free to play, while Hiraoka added that it does not have anything to do with CAPCOM's own Dino Crisis despite the common dinosaur theme.

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Hiraoka-san then also took the opportunity to explain how Exoprimal's concept came to be.

Our initial concept was that we wanted to challenge ourselves to create a feeling of satisfying action that was different to past Capcom titles. Instead of a game like Monster Hunter, where you face a single, powerful enemy, we though that the experience of taking on and overcoming a huge horde of enemies had the appeal and potential to be the basis of a new IP. We also thought that it would feel great to share that experience with others online, and so the basic concept of Exoprimal was born.

Once we had established our gameplay concept, dinosaurs were the first idea that came up for the enemies you would face. I thought that it would be fun to experience the threat of history's most fearsome predators, and that if there were hundreds or thousands of them it would be an intensity that hadn't been seen before. Once we had that idea, we felt that the only way to face the overwhelming strength and numbers of dinosaurs would be with futuristic technology rather than modern weapons.

As a reminder, there will be a Closed Network Test soon on PC. You can sign up on the Exoprimal website for a chance to be selected.

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