Exclusive Discount: Get the RAVPower Wireless Charing Pad for Under 9 Bucks!

Today's the day you can get yourself a wonderful little wireless charger as RAVPower has a discount on one of its products no one can refuse.

Get a RAVPower Wireless Charger for Home or Office for Just $8.49

Given how Apple has jumped onto the wireless charging bandwagon, therefore it's a good idea to grab yourself a wireless charger just about now. But of course, investing in a lot of chargers can cost quite a bit of money. That's where companies like RAVPower come in for the rescue.

RAVPower approached us a while back and offered something which we just couldn't refuse - a discount on their already-cheap wireless charger, the PC083.

It's a plain and simple wireless charging pad that gets the job done and retails for a price of $11.99, but once you apply a discount code, the price comes down to just $8.49.

See, we told you it was already quite cheap!

Out of the box, you get the charger itself, nothing else. You have to supply your own Quick Charge 3.0 adapter here. And since this charger is Qi-compatible therefore it will work with any device out there including the Galaxy S9, the latest iPhone lineup and more.


It has an anti-slip grooved design at the top which ensures that your device does not slip around while charging. This is something which many manufacturers tend to overlook, and for just $8.49, you're getting all the basics of a good wireless charger here.

So, what are you waiting for? Hit the link below and spread out this wireless charger across your home. While you are at it, share the code with your friends and family members too. Such discounts don't knock on the door every single day.

Buy RAVPower PC083 Wireless Charger [Amazon link] | Use discount. code WCCFRAV083 at checkout

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