Ex Criterion Devs Working On A Sports Game Coming Out Soon & Featuring Couch Co-Op


In early 2014, two Criterion co-founders (Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry) left the British studio known for Burnout in order to found Three Fields Entertainment.

Now, two years later, they're finally starting to reveal more details about their first game with the new studio. Ward teased on Twitter that people might like this one if they enjoyed Burnout and Black (both made by Criterion), though this game doesn't have cars or guns at all.



In fact, according to their website this will be a sports game with a particular focus on multiplayer.

It’s an original new game – an innovative new twist on a sports game that’s fast, funny and heavy on social multiplayer.

We’re keeping it under wraps until most of the game is complete.

We're finally approaching that time, though. The official Twitter confirmed that the game is coming out soon and the folks at Three Fields Entertainment are gathering screenshots to share with the press.

Fans of split screen gaming might be disappointed to find out that there won't be any, though at least couch co-op has been confirmed.

As to what kind of sports game this is going to be, right now it's really hard to say. However, we'll be sure to reach out to the studio in order to bring you more details about this first endeavor by former Criterion developers.