Evolution: We Hope to Stay Together and Do Something Awesome; Great Options for Us

Alessio Palumbo

Earlier today we posted about Sony Computer Entertainment's decision to close Evolution Studios, the developer behind Motorstorm and Driveclub.

On the surface, the story bears a lot of similarities to Microsoft's decision to shut down Lionhead, another historic UK developer. However, once you look closer there are some significant differences.

For starters, even Lionhead's top level executives were apparently informed at the last minute. On the other hand, Evolution employees might have been aware for quite a while if we consider a couple of clues.

The first one is that the latest DLC pack for Driveclub is aptly titled Finish Line. The second one is that employees have a very different attitude while commenting the news on social media, focusing more on the good memories they had as a team and maintaining a positive outlook for the future.

More importantly for fans of their racing games, there seems to be a good chance that they'll create a new team together. That's what Senior Community Manager Jamie Brayshaw said, adding first that there are "great options" for Evolution developers and then, in another tweet, that they want do something "awesome" if they stay together.

Even if they don't, they'll have plenty of opportunities and Game Director Paul Rustchynsky reckons they'll all be fine in the end.

Of course, should they create a new studio it seems likely that their games will be targeting multiple platforms now. Luckily, between Kickstarter, Steam Early Access and all the great engines available for free nowadays, there's never been a better time to create an indie studio to develop games. Good luck, Evolution!

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