EVGA Unveils 1600W 80+ Titanium Power Supply – Can Power 6 PS4s With Room to Spare

Khalid Moammer

EVGA has announced the arrival of the Supernova 1600 T2, a 1600W 80+ Titanium rated behemoth power supply. This is EVGA's latest extreme high end unit, and when I say latest I mean it. Because EVGA actually already has two other 1600W units in the market with 80+ Gold and 80+ Platinum ratings.

The unit is fully modular and includes a large acoustically optimized fan that only spins if the unit reaches 45c which insures near silent operation. All of the power comes from a single rail so you don't have to worry about any of the multi-rail stablity and compatibility issues. It also features 100% high quality Japanese Nippon Chemi-Con solid state capacitors as well as over power, under power, over voltage and short circuit protection. The crown jewel perhaps however is the praiseworthy 10 year warranty. All of this insanity ( or awesomeness, depends on your point of view ) is yours for $449.99.

EVGA Unveils 1600W 80+ Titanium Supernova Power Supply

When I see products like this I can't help but smile. And what I mean by this is that just like Gigabyte's WaterForce Tri-SLI GTX 980 monster. It's fantastic to see and we'd love to own but we wouldn't actually need this sort of  equipment. Even dual R9 295X2 graphics cards can be happily fed with a 1200W unit.

To put this into perspective, you'd be able to power six Playstation 4 or XBOX One consoles with 100W to spare using this unit. So this is certainly not meant for any ordinary user then, not even the average PC enthusiast would know what to do with this much power. It genuinely redefines the meaning of overkill in the power supply arena

I can certainly imagine this power supply in the hands of overclocking record breakers. I can also imagine that enthusiast EVGA fans would still very much be interesting in this PSU. Not necessarily because they need this amount of power but because of the amazing warranty, the incredible efficiency and the overall premium quality.

To really appreciate what EVGA has created here we have to take a brief look at the 80+ power efficiency rating system for PSUs. To achieve the 80+ Titanium rating a power supply would have to deliver 92% efficiency at 20% load, 94% at 50% load and 91% at 100% load for a 115V AC current. At 230V AC the same unit would have to deliver 94% at 20% load, 96% at 50% load and most importantly 90% at 10% load. In fact 80+ Titanium power supplies are the only ones certified for such a fantastic level of power efficiency at 10% load. And that's very important because that's the type of load that would typically result from general usage.

80+ Power Supply Certification SystemEVGA has achieved an impressive feat no doubt. But we can't help but hope to see similar enthusiast from EVGA in the more popular 750W-1000W range for power supplies.



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