EVGA Gets Ready to Launch the Much Awaited GTX 780 6Gb and GTX 780 Ti 6GB Variants – Protected by 90 Day Step Up Programme

Ladies and Gentleman, a few months back we exclusively broke the news that AIB partners were just waiting for Titan stock to clear up and that regardless of the 'fake' accusations, a 6GB variant was indeed coming. Well, well, well Videocardz.com has just spotted, on the EVGA official site, what appears to be, you guessed it right, 6GB Variants of the GTX 780 Ti and GTX 780 (pardon the plethora of commas).EVGA-GeForce-GTX-780-Ti-Classified-KingPin-Hot

EVGA Prepares to Unleash the GTX 780 6GB and GTX 780 Ti 6GB Variants

The amount of disbelief is readily available in the comments sections, but now we have been proven right. The AIB partner EVGA has just revealed that it will be launching the 6GB variants of the GTX 780 and GTX 780 Ti, protected by the 90Day Step Up Program. Which essentially means that you can buy a new card from EVGA minus the purchase price of your current EVGA buy, within the next 3 months of purchase. Quite a good deal but now is not the optimum time to utilize it, since Maxwell is still away. Unless ofcourse, you bought an EVGA card which falls under this programme within the last 3 months, in which case you can upgrade to a GTX 780 6GB or a GTX 780 Ti 6GB.

Now according to Videocardz.com the pricing of the 6GB GTX 780 will be just $50 more than the 3Gb version, which is reasonable. However the 6GB 780 Ti will only come in the KingP|N variant which should be considerably more than the standard GTX 780. Another interesting thing is that neither of the cards will ship with the standard blower fan and will ship with EVGA Dual type coolers. Here are the pictures of the 6GB Variant of the GTX 780.


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