everyStory Is A Photo Sharing App That Adds Sound To Your Photos


Gone are the days when people use to put their pictures in shoe boxes. Now, people have their smartphones connected with online storage services that save photos for a long time. However, our photos are still quite, no matter how much memories speak, the desire to hear the deceased or parted is a wish. This is where a new app kicks in that can attach sound to photos. The photo and sound are bound together to give pictures a life.

The idea came from Dave Keene, who was about to be operated for a colon cancer inspection. He developed an app that featured audio attached to the digital photo album so his son could remember the voice of his deceased father. Luckily, Dave survived and so did the iOS app, everyStory. Dave worked to bring the cloud based app to the market.

Let's see some more details on this new app that has to offer and how does it work.

Attach Any Sound To Your Photos With everyStory

everyStory is a plain app that attaches a sound to your photos when you import them from your camera roll or even your computer. Since everyStory is a cloud based app, you can share the sound embedded photos with people you like. Moreover, once you share the photos with your family or friends, they too can add a recording or sound that suits with the photo. Other than this, users also have the ability to scan analog photos and apply sound effects.

The photos are collected in a form of digital album that has sound embedded in them. The major benefit of the everyStory app is that you do not have to sacrifice mobile storage in return for photos with sounds. All of your photos will be stored on a cloud based storage.

everyStory is available on the App Store absolutely for free. However, cloud storage has different layers that come with a charge. Initially, users would get up to 500 photos without any cost. However, to unclock full access, the app charges a mere $3.99 per month. Furthermore, the everyStory app aims to provide additional storage space for 1,000 photos for users who install the app before the month of September ends.

SO if you want to save you memories with a pinch of dialogue or a sound piece to go with your photos, everyStory is the app you seek. This is it for now, folks. How did you like the idea to attach your sounds in a photo? Share your views in the comments.

Download everyStory for iOS