98% off Ethical Hacking Bundle: Start Thinking Like a Black Hat Hacker to Stop Hackers


With Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security and Forensics Bundle, you can get a crash course in protecting yourself from hackers. This bundle is curated to bring all the essentials of ethical hacking and cyber security at one place.  You will be able to understand the mechanisms of spam, phishing, malware and social engineering. And, you will also learn to identify when you are attacked or how to keep your information safe.

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98% Off Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security & Forensics Bundle

The bundle includes:

1- Cyber Security & Forensics

Start Thinking Like A Black Hat Hacker So You Can Stop Black Hat Hackers

Not all hackers are evil, smelly degenerates living in their moms' basements attacking computer and network system across the globe just to watch the world burn. Many hackers are employed as Certified Ethical Hackers or Computer Hacking Forensic Investigators, trained to think like black hat hackers in order to defend against them. This two course bundle will give you a comprehensive background into both of these positions, and put you on the path to become either.

2- Computer Hacking Prevention Training

Learn Tricks From a Former Hacker to Prevent Your Computer Being Hacked

It feels like every day now you hear news of another major hacking attack. The fact is, however, that most attacks occur without the user even knowing. All computer users owe it to themselves to learn how hackers attempt to infiltrate their systems, and how to prevent them. Using case studies, live demo videos, and short tests, this course will teach you how to identify when you're being attacked, and keep your personal information safe.

Original value: $3,690 | Wccftech Deals: $49 at a 98% discount