Enter Microsoft Band – Redmond’s Foray Into Wearables Is A Hit

Ramish Zafar

Microsoft's entry into the wearable market with the Microsoft Band came as a surprise to many. Things over at Redmond have not been going well this year, with the company reportedly going to terminate its Surface Pro lineup and announcing that no more Nokia phones with Microsoft branding will be available. With the Microsoft band Redmond seems to have hit a sweet spot in the wearables market however, with the gadget out selling its limited stock available in stores and even fetching a bid of $475 on ebay.

band_891x392-659x311Microsoft Band Outsells Limited Stock In Stores.

By the looks of things, even folks over at Redmond were not anticipating this much of a strong reception of its fitness band. The Microsoft Band has outsold limited stock available in stores so far. The device has a number of great features that might be the reason of its increasing popularity among consumers.

First of these could be the fact that the device is the first major cross platform wearable introduced in the market. The Microsoft Band can be used with Android, iOS and Windows phones making it a must have for users who do not want to be limited by operating system ecosystems.

The Microsoft Band is also capable of offering round the clock heart rate monitoring, and if you're a Windows Phone user, then you can also sync the device with Cortana. The Microsoft Band is also capable of monitoring your calorie count, sleep quality and a battery that can last for up to two days according to the manufacturer.

When synced with Cortana, the device will be able to provide you with weather or traffic information. It will also be able to take notes and set reminders. Seems like these features have managed to catch market attention. Will you be purchasing a Microsoft Band soon in the future? Let us know what you think in the comments section and stay in touch for a detailed analysis of the device.


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