Enermax Intros Triathlor 80+ Bronze Power Supply Series – Empowers your PC with passion and endurance

ENERMAX introduces all new 80 PLUS Bronze power supply series, the Triathlor, ranging from 385 to 550W.  Triathlor inherits several techniques from our prime KW class power supplies, such as DC to DC topology, 100% high quality Japanese electrolytic capacitors, and surpasses 98% +12V output capability. It features the upmost reliable, silent and safe performance for the mainstream desktop systems.

As the new generation of CPUs and GPUs consume/require lower standby power, yet demand monster power for over-clocking tasks, they require and deserve more reliable and cleaner energy to feed their appetite.  ENERMAX engineers know this new trend, thus design the heart for Triathlor, with >98% +12V output capabilityto quench the power thirst of these CPUs/GPUs.

Furthermore, Triathlor integrates ENERMAX’s well-known T.B. Silence fan for optimal cooling and minimum noise. SafeGuard with industry leading protection circuitry of Over Current / Voltage / Power/ Temperature, Under Voltage, Short Circuit and Inrush & Surge protections is also a must have for Triathlor.

DC-To-DC Technology:

To reach unbeatable reliability, the Triathlor power supply implements the advanced DC to DC topology (a rare design in its rival class) to lower its minimum load to ZERO watt meanwhile improve dynamic response and cross regulation. This is vital for latest CPU/GPU structure. It also uses 100% high quality Japanese electrolytic capacitors to ensure superb performance and stability.


One step ahead of the green design, the new 5Vsb circuit of Triathlor even helps system to meet ErP Lot 6 2013 standard(<0.5W in standby mode), an extra mile for a greener environment.

Triathlor comes with 385W, 450W and 550W models with standard cable, and the modular cable version, Triathlor FC, will be available soon with 550W, 650W and 700W. For more details, head over to http://www.enermax.com

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