Enermax Displays Several Power Supply Units and a New Liquid Cooler at CeBIT 2012

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Mar 8, 2012

Enermax has also displayed several new products at CeBIT 2012 which include new Power Supply Units, ELC 120 Liquid Cooler and a 2500W Power Board with 200Amps.

The PSU lineup includes Platimax 1500W Unit which offers 94% Efficency, A Modular Design and 6 Powerful 12V Rails featuring OCP. The PSU also incorporates the Zero load design and features a 13.9cm Twister bearing Fan.

The Triathlor comes in 350-700W with upto 88% efficiency, Multiple 12V rails and cooled through an 12cm fan.

Then there’s the Revolution87+ 1000W PSU with a 93% efficiency and modular design featuring Dynamic Hybrid Transformer Topolgy. Four 12V Rails are included along with the Zero Power load design. Enermax also displayed a 2500W Power board 12V (ie over 200 amps) and several PSU’s for redundant servers usage.

A Liquid Cooler (ELC 120) was also spotted  which features a design similar to Crosair H60 All in One liquid Cooler. It features a Copper base, A Ceramic bearing pump to transfer the liquid, Durable/Flexible tubes for easier installation and is compatible with most of the modern CPU sockets.