How to Enable Dark Mode on Apple TV – tvOS 10 Tips


Here's how you can enable Dark Mode in tvOS 10 running on Apple TV fourth-generation.

Enable Dark Mode on Apple TV

If you go through the list of features tvOS 10 brings to the fore, you'll be surprised to learn there's not much to deal with. But there are small enhancements littered all over the place that make up for a pretty good upgrade. One of those little enhancements is 'Dark Mode,' a feature that turns the lights down a little so that visual elements are easy to look at during the night. It's actually a pretty handy feature and gives the Apple TV a whole new personality.

Let us walk you through the process of how you can enable Dark Mode as well as some images showing off the feature.

Note: Before we begin it should be made clear that Dark Mode is exclusive to tvOS 10 only. If you haven't updated to tvOS 10 then do so by following our guide posted here: How to Clean Install tvOS 10 Final on Apple TV Using iTunes.


1. Turn on your Apple TV.

2. Now open the Settings app.

3. Select General.

4. See the 'Appearance' entry? Select it, and change 'Light' to 'Dark.'

Here's what tvOS 10 looks like after Dark Mode has been enabled:

On an extremely personal note, I thought the real-world use cases of Dark Mode might not be that vast. But if you love consuming content after sunset with the lights turned down, then trust me, those dark tints make a lot of difference. From the home screen all the way to different elements of the UI, it's an experience you have to go through personally if you're going to reach any sort of verdict about it.

Wrap Up

Dark Mode ensures your eyes don't get stressed out when you're looking at that TV screen with lights out. It would be a healthy move to keep things dark most of the time, but of course, the final call lies with you how you like things on your TV screen.

While we do love Dark Mode a lot, we really wish there was an option that toggled the feature at a predefined time. Just imagine, everything goes dark on its own after sunset, with normalcy ensuing its rightful path during day time. I guess that feature will see the light of day next year when tvOS 11 is announced. Until then, make do with what you have currently on offer.