The eLearnExcel & eLearnOffice School Lifetime Subscription Bundle Is Available For A 95% Discount – Avail Now


Excel is a literal requirement for almost all career paths now. Whether you are a clerk, a doctor, a teacher, an engineer; you job description will involve working with excel in one way or another. So the best way to make things easier for yourself in more ways than one is to become an excel expert. Avail this amazing discount offer with Wccftech deals on the eLearnExcel & eLearnOffice School Lifetime Subscription.

eLearnExcel & eLearnOffice School features

The eLearnExcel & eLearnOffice School is available for discount only for a few days and after which you will have to get the bundle for the original price. The bundle includes 2 amazing courses that will make your life so much easier. Here are highlights of what each course has to offer:

eLearnExcel: Lifetime Subscription - Become Your Company's Excel Master with Lifetime Access to 500+ Lessons

  •  Access 29 modules & over 60 hours of content 24/7
  • Receive a CPD-certified diploma upon completion of program
  •  Enjoy lifetime access to videos, practice files, templates & assessments
  •  Discover the must-know Excel formulas & functions
  • Learn how to analyze data in Excel & make better decisions
  •  Automate repetitive tasks w/ macros & VBA
  •  Present your information in a more accessible way w/ charts & PivotTables

eLearnOffice: Lifetime Subscription - Assess, Improve & Validate Your Skills with 8 Microsoft Office Programs

  •  Access 1,200+ Microsoft-approved bite-size lessons 24/7
  • Assess your Microsoft Office skills through tests
  •  Use easy to follow, bite-size lessons to increase your Microsoft Office skills
  •  Link your Microsoft Skills Score Dashboard to your resume to show potential employers your qualifications
  •  Take courses in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, Outlook, Access, & Calendar

The bundle will improve your skills, enhance them and teach you tricks of the trade. I often get stuck or become slow while using excel but with this bundle all of us can benefit and become as fast as the pros.

Original Price eLearnExcel & eLearnOffice School: $1,198
Wccftech Discount Price eLearnExcel & eLearnOffice School: $49

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