Elden Ring Mod Aims to Deliver a Full Co-op Experience Without the Usual From Fussiness

Elden Ring

One of the most distinctive, and divisive, aspects of From Software’s games are their approach to multiplayer. All of From’s recent games allow players to invade other people’s games or invite others in to help with bosses or other challenges, but the process is always a little bit fussy and limited (and in the case of Elden Ring, just plain doesn’t work that well). What if you just want a straightforward co-op Elden Ring experience without all the usual boundaries? Well, somebody is working on a mod for that.

Modder/YouTuber LukeYui is developing an ambitious “Seamless Co-op” mod for Elden Ring that allows you to play together with others even after you die without the need to resummon. Progress is also synchronized, meaning you pretty much play through Elden Ring from beginning to end with a friend. You can check out LukeYui’s latest video showcasing the mod, below.

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This latest version of the mod includes a number of new features, including…

  • Enemy scaling is fixed (it didn't work at all previously). It now mimics Elden Ring's (25%/50%/75%) buff on enemies for 1, 2, and 3 co-operators respectively.
  • Voting enables synchronized fast travelling in the game. All players in the session must agree to warp to a specific destination. Once the vote passes, all players are warped at the same time.
  • Map waypoints are now synced with other players in the session, making it easier to communicate where you'd like to explore or areas of interest.
  • Evergaols, portals, etc. now all work correctly and affect other players in the session allowing you to tackle usually restricted areas in multiplayer.
  • When dying in a boss fight, you will be unable to respawn and enter a spectator mode until either the boss is dead or every other player dies. This lets bosses keep their challenge while allowing you to stay together in a multiplayer session.
  • A stackable debuff mechanic called Rot Essence has been added. It is acquired on death and can be removed when resting at a bonfire. There are currently 3 varied effects that can stack both with others and themselves.

The Elden Ring Seamless Co-op mod has yet to be publicly released, but you can keep up with LukeYui’s work via Nexus Mods.

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