Not Two But Three – Will Be The Number Of Display Edges On The Galaxy S6 Edge

When we thought two edges on the Galaxy Note 4 Edge was enough, apparently Samsung wasn't thinking the same as we were. According to Bloomeberg, the Korean manufacturer is looking to go even further with the Galaxy S6 Edge this March - with the device now being slated to come with a tripel edged screen. For a device that sounded impressive even with dual edges - three edges will definitely prove to be either a make it or break it feature.

galaxy s6 launchBloomberg Claims Samsung Will Launch The Galaxy S6 With Three - Not Two Edges

According to Bloomberg's 'people with direct knowledge of the matter', the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge may be looking to go too far when it comes to display edges on a smartphone. Both the variants will be coming with a 5.1 inch screen size and an all metal body which stands in contrast to earlier news about glass covers for the devices. The Galaxy S6 will come with a display that covers three sides of the device, leaving speculation as to what the third side with a display be on the Galaxy S6. And what function could the screen curving to the bottom of the phone serve as well.

As far as we go, we certainly hope that Samsung sticks to only two sides for a display when it comes to the Galaxy S6 Edge. The device has managed to incite interest among a lot of people owing to its peculiar design and Samsung choosing to overshoot with the curved display will undoubtedly effect the device's future in a major way. All we can do now is wait for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to solve this once and for all. So stay tuned to stay updated and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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