EasyAcc’s Back to School Deals: Up to 50% Discount on Wireless iPhone X Battery Cases, USB-C Power Banks, Bluetooth Speakers, More


EasyAcc is not leaving any corners untouched with its latest Back to School deals. There are load of accessories on discount today, and we'll dive straight into the pond.

iPhone X Battery Case, Power Banks, Bluetooth Speaker or Even a Multi-Device Charging Station - EasyAcc Has Discounted it All

It's great practice to look around for stuff before you make the ultimate buying decision. You never know where you might end up finding the ultimate deal. But at times, we'll jump into the scene too, ensuring that you get what you want at a very low price point. Lucky for everyone, EasyAcc approached us and showed us a wonderful list of stuff that is on discount for a limited time, and is aimed towards students who are, you know, going back to school again.

There are a bunch of great offers in here, especially on the 5000mAh wireless battery case for the iPhone X which ensures that your device stays juiced up throughout the day while you blitz through your productivity sessions. But that's not all, if you are not into surrounding your phone with excessive bulk, then you may invest in a power bank too, or fill up your life with some music. Point being, there's a lot of great stuff here which you should check out, and use the discount codes at checkout to grab the deal with the price slashed off.

Buy EasyAcc Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Cases - Starting at $8.99, Use code EANOTE92018 to get 40% off

Buy EasyAcc 5000mAh Wireless Battery Case for iPhone X - $4.99, Use code EACC5000 to get 10% off

Buy EasyAcc 20000mAh USB-C Power Bank - $49.99, Use code TDRE5WWT to get 30% off

Buy EasyAcc 40W 8A Wall Charger - $16.99, Use code GETONE69 to get 30% off

Buy EasyAcc Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker - $17.99, Use code EASPEAKE to get 30% off

Buy EasyAcc 4-inch Mini Desktop Metal Fan - $11.99, Use code SST9RIDS to get 50% off

Buy EasyAcc Double-Deck Multi-Device Charging Station - $27.99, Use code K55XLPN3 to get 30% off

If you're all about the modern lifestyle then I highly recommend picking up the USB-C power bank from the list. Furthermore, the wireless battery case for the iPhone X comes with a screen protector too therefore it serves its purpose as a rugged case as well.

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