Earth Liberation Saves The Planet on Steam Early Access


Watch out for the reptilians. Earth Liberation is out now Steam Early Access and it's channeling all your favorite RTS classics.

Ugly Reptilian invaders have taken over Earth and you need to command the Resistance in their efforts to take back the planet. As a Commander, you'll have to build up a base and army in order to wipe out the reptile menace. It harkens back to the classic real-time strategy games like Starcraft or Command and Conquer.

Vladimir Polozkov, co-founder at PoRovoz Studios explains where the idea for Earth Liberation came from:

How Earth Liberation came to be? We love RTS games and play them since we were kids. We took the parts that we think made them fun: straightforward economy, rapid decision-making, constant enemy advancement, well balanced unit power. Then we made it into one, streamlined and exciting game. We wanted it to be more than just a game, however – in our imagination it has already become a living, story-rich universe. Earth Liberation features a story that kept on growing as we were making progress with the game, and will be growing even further as our development process continues. For that reason, we’re giving away a lore-filled novel in the form of an audiobook and e-book to everyone who buys the game.

The 2017 roadmap that PoRovoz has planned for Earth Liberation includes additional things like units, missions, and cooperative modes:

  • Improved visuals - Jan-May 2017
  • More units, missions, and landscapes - Jan-May 2017
  • Steam Achievements - Feb 2017
  • Steam Trading Cards - Feb 2017
  • Larger maps for more massive battles - Mar 2017
  • Cooperative mode - May 2017
  • Competitive PvP mode (play as humans or invaders) - May 2017
  • Special units upgrade system - TBA
  • New audio design – TBA

Earth Liberation is available on Steam Early Access for a mere $6.99. It's also currently 20% off until December 22 if you want to check it out.