Each iPhone 12 Model Will Outpace Entire Galaxy S21 Lineup in Volume for First Three Months, Says Display Analyst

Each iPhone 12 Model Will Outpace Entire Galaxy S21 Lineup in Volume for First Three Months, Says Display Analyst

Numerous reports maintain a positive outlook on Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup. The company is said to increase production by 30 percent in H2, 2021, with a different statistic claiming the technology giant could break its previous shipments record it held when the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were announced. However, Samsung, Apple’s biggest rival in the smartphone space, isn’t going to sit idle and watch its market share snatched away.

The Korean manufacturer is prepping its Galaxy S21 lineup for an announcement on January 14, with pre-orders starting shortly after. Unfortunately, one display analyst believes the entire Android flagship lineup won’t ship the same volume as each iPhone 12 model.

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Analyst Implies That the iPhone 12 mini, Apple’s Worst-Selling Model From the New Series, Will Have More Volume

Ross Young, who has garnered 25 years of experience in the display industry, believes that each iPhone 12 model is expected to do more volume in their first three months than the entire Galaxy S21 family. This little statement implies that even the iPhone 12 mini, which is Apple’s worst-performing model out of all four right now, is expected to accumulate more shipments than all Galaxy S21 members.

So far, a part of the iPhone 12’s success lies in the less 6.1-inch version’s popularity, which became the best-selling 5G-ready model for October 2020. Part of why it’s likely doing well is not just the attractive pricing, but it features a 5G modem, which is necessary to have in the world of fast-moving data. Samsung is making significant efforts to convince iPhone users that its Galaxy S21 series is a better purchase. A previous leak revealed the company is accepting up to $700 trade-in value for the iPhone 12 mini to get any Galaxy S21 model.

That’s the retail price of a brand new iPhone 12 mini. That’s not all, because pre-order bonuses for customers include up to a brand new pair of Galaxy Buds Pro and Smart Tags. Many freebies and hefty trade-in bonuses indicate that Samsung could be desperate to increase Galaxy S21 adoption amongst customers. Whether or not these plans have a positive outcome for the Korean giant, we’ll have to see after the first three months have passed.

Do you agree with Ross Young’s predictions, or do you think Samsung has an ace up its sleeve with the Galaxy S21 family? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: Ross Young

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