DxO One Turns Your iPhone’s Camera Into A DSLR Shooter


The image capturing prowess of iPhone 6 is impressive, but suppose if that performance was taken in to fifth gear? With DxO One, such a thing is completely possible. While the highest camera resolution for an iPhone until now has been 8 megapixels, DxO One increases that to 20 megapixels, increasing the overall image and video quality as a result. However there is a catch, and that happens to be the price tag of the device.

DxO One Features A Pre-Order Price Of $600, Which Is Only As Expensive As The Owner’s iPhone

Currently, the company behind giving your iPhone and iPad an image sensor steroid boost is taking pre-orders, and it will cause the user to be set by $600, which is no pocket change. However, consumers who have spent an exorbitant amount of money purchasing an Apple mobile device will most likely have spare change to augment the image and video capturing capabilities of their iOS product. As of right now, any Apple device that features a lightning connector will be compatible with DxO one.

According to the details present on the company’s website, the following devices will be compatible with DxO One:

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPad (One that features a lightning connector)

DxO One also features SuperRaw format in order to capture images and videos for low-light shooting. The first time the user plugs in the device in any of the above mentioned mobile devices, they will be directed to the App Store in order to download the free app that comes along with the product. DxO has stated that it will continuously be rolling out updates in order to bring in new changes to the image and video capturing modes of its detachable camera.

What is even more exciting is that DxO One features a MicroSD card slot, where images and videos can be saved in the JPEG format. However, it does not feature a wireless adapter like some high-end GoPro cameras and Xiaomi’s Yi Camera, where users can effortlessly transfer images and videos from one end to the other.

Regardless, if users are looking for a device to give them a direct alternative to carrying a DSLR, then look no further than DxO One.

Image source: DxO US