The Dwarves To Release This December On All Formats, Updated Beta Launching Next Week


During Gamescom 2016 last month, we have been told that the action role playing The Dwarves, currently in development by King ART for PC and consoles, was going to be released this September, with the game already in certification by Sony and Microsoft. Unfortunately, things haven't gone as smoothly as expected, and the game will be released later than anticipated.

In a new post on the game's official Kickstarter page, King ART has confirmed that The Dwarves will be released on December 1st on all formats. As the team didn't get a date from Sony and Microsoft as early as they wanted, The Dwarves had to be released in October at the earliest. With the team obviously wanting their game to be as successful as possible, they have decided to release it on December 1st so to avoid releasing it in a very busy month, with a lot of AAA releases which wouldn't allow the right coverage for their game.

When you want to release a game on consoles, it first has to be inspected by Sony or Microsoft. Since there are many games in the so-called "submission" at the moment, we didn’t get a date as early as we wanted. This pushes back the earliest possible release date to October. But October and November are the busiest months in gaming. Most of the big sites, YouTubers and bloggers won’t have time to play and review anything else than the big AAA games. We want "The Dwarves" to be as successful as possible; hopefully successful enough to enable us to start working on "The Dwarves 2". For that we need attention and media coverage. And we won’t get that in-between all the big releases. It’s un-dwarfish but we’re basically chickening out and waiting until the big wave is gone.

This is only one of the reasons the team decided on releasing The Dwarves on December 1st, as the team is still finding ways to improve the game. The additional development time might allow them to avoid releasing a day one patch.

We do a lot of testing at the moment and we’re still finding some bugs and ways to enhance the balancing a little. It’s mostly small things, so we could release the game and then make a launch patch. But if we put more work into the launch version, we might not need a launch patch.

Those who have backed the game, however, will still be getting something new this month, as an updated beta featuring more content will be made available next week. This beta will also be available for Mac and Linux.

The Dwarves launches this December on PC and consoles.