Drunk or Dead Combines Binge Drinking and Shooting Zombies

Jorge Jimenez

Drink to survive. Drunk or Dead combines the two things we all love, drinking and zombies.

The game was made during a 48-hour nonstop Christmas VR game jam by a group of 8 indie developers. Not a bad result for two days work.

Drunk or Dead takes place during, surprise, a zombie apocalypse that was caused by a virus. The catch is that the virus only affects people who are sober. So, if you want to live through this, you need to drink as much as humanly possibly and kill some zombies. The wave based shooter is set in a Wild West bar overrun by zombies.

The trick to playing this game is to balance being sober and drunk. If you're not drunk, your aim is more accurate but time is working against you. If you're drunk you have bought yourself some time, but your vision also gets blurry and it's harder to shoot. It's game over if you're too sober or too drunk. Much like life, you need to know exactly when to cut loose and when to indulge.

Drunk or Dead is currently on Steam Greenlight and expecting a full release on January 10th, 2017 on PC and it looks like it will compatible with a variety of VR headsets. Are you ready to shoot and drink virtually at the same time?



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