Droneboarding: The Latest Sport That Will Replace Wakeboarding In The Near Future

Wakeboarding is a sport that will get your heart racing, but guess which sport could potentially take its place in the near future? Droneboarding.


Droneboarding Involves An Individual Being Pulled By A Fully Functional Drone – Watch The Video And Be The Judge

As the name suggests, droneboarding involves two pieces of equipment; a fully capable drone and a wakeboard. One more thing to remember is that since droneboarding is actually an evolved type of wakeboarding, it will require you to traverse your way through a snow infested environment, so if you happen to be residing in such a location, or if you are happen to take a long, overdue vacation somewhere where the mercury drops significantly, do not forget to purchase these two very important pieces of equipment. So how will this work exactly. First off, you cannot rely on a regular drone to pull an entire human being so you will have to pick one out which carries a lot more power.

The drone will have a rope or wire of equivalent material wrapped, or attached to it and the person intending to be dragged by it will have to make sure that the material is not sharp otherwise they might end up grazing themselves pretty badly. The wire, or rope is tethered to the drone and carries the person across while they have their feet fastened on the board. If you look in the video, you might be slightly disappointed with what you see, particularly when it comes to the speed at which the child is travelling at.


It is obviously due to the limitations of the drone itself. After all, drones have a small weight carrying limit and the fact that it was able to pull a child is quite remarkable. However, in terms of sport evolving, we believe that droneboarding could quickly replace wakeboarding, with the obvious addition to the sport requiring more powerful drones, which we will definitely bear witness to in the years to come. For now, enjoy the video and tell us what you thought or this really nifty idea.


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