Yahoo Releases Livetext Silent Video Chat App For iOS, Android

Yahoo has just released a brand new app for iOS and Android called 'Livetext.' The concept of the app is simple - it's live video chat without sound combined with traditional text messaging.

Yahoo Livetext

If you go through the App Store right away, you'll be surprised to find a ton of social networking apps that support video calling right off the bat. With big names like Skype, Viber and Tango well established in what they do best, a new entrant has to struggle to climb to the top of the chain, until or unless it offers something which others aren't. And this is what Yahoo is pinning its hopes on with the release of Livetext for iOS and Android.

The concept of the app is very simple and straightforward - it combines video chat without sound with the traditional convenience of text messaging. So basically, instead of 'real' sound to get a message across, users get to interact with others using plain old text, while also getting a live feed of their mugshot.

Yahoo Livetext

Yahoo claims that such a method of communication makes a user feel as if they are 'right there' with their fiends. We're not sure how that works out, but it would be hilarious to see someone type something hysterical using text and watch the other person laugh silently for a good few seconds.

To make sure that spam and abuse does not take place, each Livetext session is one-to-one, and can only be initiated once both concerned parties have agreed upon it.

Yahoo Livetext

Yahoo had been silent (excuse the pun) for a long while when it comes to mobile apps, but lately it has started to pick up pace under the new leadership of Marissa Mayer. Though Livetext might sound like a 'meh' idea for a lot of users, but if you think about it, it's actually a well thought-out piece of software that has the potential to go a long way if it gets the right traction. We're absolutely certain from this point onwards that Yahoo will keep on pushing great apps like Livetext into the App Store and Play Store in the weeks and months to come, till then, all we can do is find someone who is willing to Livetext with us.

You can download Yahoo Livetext for iOS from here, and Android here. The app is absolutely free to download, and we suggest giving it a whirl before reaching any sort of conclusion regarding what it has to offer.

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