WhatsApp With Material Design Is Available Through Play Store


WhatsApp's been receiving several major updates over the past month. One of these was the big voice calling feature that finally allows users to make direct calls on the popular messaging app rather than having to resort to audio messages for oral conversations. Well, for Android users all around, WhatsApp's also received another major update today. Your favorite instant messaging app will now be available in an all new material design interface, and you can download the app directly from Play Store.

WhatsApp With Material Design Now Available On Google Play Store

Even though the APK for WhatsApp with Material Design became available near a month ago, you couldn't update directly through Google's own Play Store, meaning the file wasn't approved directly by the software giant. Well, things have finally moved forward in that area now, since WhatsApp with Material Design has become available on Play Store, starting today. Its the same version that became available through WhatsApp a month ago, so you're safe no matter where you download it.

With the introduction of Material Design, WhatsApp saw many subtle but visible changes in its interface. The main bar with the search and action buttons now simply disappears once you're scrolling down. Subtle changes including the way WhatsApp handles notification numbers or other options provide for an overall better experience. WhatsApp seems to be heading in the right direction when it comes to updates this year, and if this pattern continues then we can be sure of one thing. The app is here to stay and will continue to provide users with the experience they require. After all, periodic updates seems to be the mantra these days anyways, and WhatsApp's success depends on how effectively its able to cater to user needs. So head over to Play Store for the APK and let us know what you think in the comments section.