Wake Alarm Clock Is Apple’s Free App Of The Week ($3.99 Regular)


Apple's free App of the Week is 'Wake Alarm Clock' and is now immediately available to download for an extremely limited period of time.

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Arguably The Best Alarm Clock For iOS Goes Free For A Limited Time

If you take a stroll through the App Store at this point in time you'll come to realize that there are numerous apps to get pretty much anything done. But while there are a lot of apps out there in great quantity, there are a far too less that strike all the checkboxes when it comes to quality. Luckily for us, Wake Alarm Clock is a high quality alarm clock app, and is a piece of software which you'd want on your iPhone or iPad, especially if you believe that the stock Clock app from Apple doesn't cut the mustard.


Unlike an ordinary alarm clock app, Wake Alarm Clock features different gestures if you want to turn off an alarm, snooze etc. For instance, flipping your iPhone or iPad over on its display will instantly turn off an alarm.

From the App Store:

Meet Wake, the most beautiful and intuitive alarm for iPhone & iPad. Slap to snooze, flip your phone over to turn off alarms or Shake to wake. Get up your way with Wake!

If you're looking for a third-party alarm clock app then look no further than Wake Alarm Clock, as it features the best there should be in an alarm clock app.

On a regular day, Wake Alarm Clock will set you back $3.99 over at the App Store. But thankfully, you can download it absolutely free till next Thursday, so we recommend that you make your move right now if you want to bag yourself this offer.


The app is a universal software, which means that it works on an iPhone, iPad as well as an iPod touch. This means that you can reap the benefits of this app without having to worry about device compatibility.

The app is available to download directly from the App Store, but we recommend that you hit up on this link to grab it right away without having to go through the trouble of finding it.

Since the app is free, we recommend that you download it on your device just to try it out. If it doesn't really tickle your fancy then you can always opt to remove it from your device if you so wish. But still, we're quite certain that you'll get the hang of it.