This Is An Extremely Functional And Simple WhatsApp Client For Mac


Ever since WhatsApp launched its Web client, many third-party developers have jumped in and made an HTML wrapper for the service allowing users to bypass the need of launching the Web browser to access the service. While we did cover a neat looking WhatsApp client for Mac, dubbed WhatsMac, the new app which we have come across is packed with a lot of great features which we're sure many users are going to love.

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Messages For WhatsApp Is A Beautiful And Extremely Functional App

Aptly named 'Messages for WhatsApp,' the third-party app costs just $1.99 over at the Mac App Store and is immediately available to download. Rather than just packing a usual set of features, the developers have gone above and beyond to add a few nifty tricks under the app's sleeve to make it even more functional.

From the Mac App Store:

• Reply straight from the notifications.
• Read the total amount of unread messages in the badge of the application icon.
• Use keyboard shortcuts to execute common tasks.
• Take the app full screen, hide the window, zoom and minimize just like any other native app.
• Completely written and compiled using Swift 2.0.

For starters, the app supports quick replying to messages straight from the notification of a message itself, so you don't have to open up the app over and over again just to respond to something. Moving on, Messages for WhatsApp lets you drag and drop media to share immediately with your contacts on the fly. Lastly, the app allows users to make use of keyboard shortcuts to 'execute common tasks' and you also get the luxury of seeing the amount of unread messages you have straight from the application icon itself.

Messages for WhatsApp

More from the Mac App Store:

• Receive notifications when a new chat message arrives.
• Standalone application. You no longer need to open the web browser and visit the website. You are now able to easily swap between browsing and the application.
• Localized in Dutch and English, more to come.
• Resizable window.
• Soon there will be a lot more new features, so stay tuned.

Like we mentioned before, the app costs $1.99 and is available to download straight from the Mac App Store, or by clicking on this link. The app is absolutely native as it is written and completely compiled using the Swift language. We highly recommend that you give this one a download especially if you happen to be an avid WhatsApp user. Setting up is absolutely simple and it works flawlessly on OS X El Capitan.