Download Google Play Store 5.8.8 APK

Google has updated its Play Store with a few changes and bug fixes. You can now download the very latest Google Play Store 5.8.8 APK for your own device.

Download Google Play Store 5.8.8 APK:

Google updates its Play Store following a monthly schedule bringing bug fixes and some feature upgrades to the Store. Play Store has been adapting to the Material Design as it's becoming an integral part of Google's several services. Now bringing more Material Design elements with several apps updated with Google's new design language, you can download the new Google Play Store 5.8.8 APK bringing bug fixes.

After the Material Design introduction to Google's services, Play Store has become more simplistic. Not only that but it also offers improved stability and better performance. The latest releases include updated looks for What's New, Details Page, Wearable sensors / activity data, Enterprise app support, and changes in other features. Google Play Store 5.8.8 APK also carries more Material Design elements to the apps like Gmail, Google+ and Google Play Newsstand, all draping more of Material Design.

What's New:

You might have noticed the new hamburger menu animation in some Google apps. Now introduced in Google Play Store 5.8.8, the three horizontal lines take you to the navigation drawer rotate and convert into an arrow when you switch from one screen to another.

Download Google Play Store 5.8.8 APK from here. Please note that Play Store 5.8.8 is not compatible with Android M Preview which means you should expect crashes on your device. It also won't run smoothly if you have installed any custom firmware on your Android device too. You can always install an earlier version to get rid of these problems on your Preview or custom ROM powered devices.

Let us know if you like the new updates introduced on Google Play Store.

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