Download These Paid Mac Apps for Free Today (Bonus iOS App Included)


Craving to download some paid Mac apps for free today? You've come to the right place. But that's not all, we have a brilliant iOS app as well which has shed its price tag for a limited time.

Download 5 Mac Apps for Free Today Along With an iOS App

Today we are bringing to our readers several Mac apps which they can download for free. All of these great apps command a solid price tag on a regular day. Basically, you'll end up saving quite a bit of money if you avail the offer today. But that's not all - you can download a great iOS app for free today as well.

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Let's jump into action.

Smart Alarm Clock - Regular price $1.99

All the coffee beans in Colombia won’t make you a morning person?
Waking up seems like a drag?

We created Smart Alarm Clock because mornings should suck less.


Select the time range when we want to wake up (e.g., 7am-7:20am).

Drift to sleep happily tuning in to some amazing sounds.

See colorful dreams with the phone next to our pillow, spying on all our movements and recording all sounds.

“the part where magic happens*

The smart algorithm of Smart Alarm Clock starts to track our sleep cycles. The alarm will only go off in the lightest sleep phase in our selected time range, when our body is naturally ready to wake up.

Wake up to see cool graphs of our sleeping patterns and cycles. Listen to the recordings of us snoring, giggling, or calling out Jessica Biel’s name in our sleep.

Download Smart Alarm Clock for iOS

Adware Cleaner - Regular price $9.99

Adware Cleaner reliably detects and removes adware in your browser and provides help with following issues:
• Web browser is slow and hangs
• Web browser is hijacked and constantly redirected
• Popups with annoying advertisements and scam open constantly in your browser

Download Adware Cleaner for macOS

Perfect Face - Regular price $4.99

Clean your skin with just a few clicks. Perfect Face is a special pimple remover tool designed to get rid of blackheads as well as whiteheads. Best for acne, pimple, scar and mole removal. Make your photos look perfect before sharing them with your friends on Facebook or Instagram.

Download Perfect Face for macOS

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary - Regular price $31.99

Improve your English language skills with the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. Understand what words mean. Learn how to say them. Know how to use them.

Download Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary for macOS

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Video 2 GIF Converter - Regular price $11.99

Do you want to convert your videos into animated gif images? Yes, this powerful app, Video 2 GIF Converter, can do it for you!

Download Video 2 GIF Converter for macOS

PicConvert - Regular price $2.99

Convert, resize and rename thousands of image files in batch mode. Select the images that you want to convert, choose an image format, select the folder where you want your converted images to be saved and you're done! Your images will be converted in a matter of seconds. Easy and effective.

Download PicConvert for macOS

Wrap Up

Make sure you download these apps on time before they regain their 'paid' status. Also, not every offer is available in each region. Therefore, don't be surprised if you see a price tag next to a certain app.