Download All Stock OnePlus 2 Wallpapers For Any Device


You can download all OnePlus 2 stock wallpapers for any mobile device right here. The wallpapers are perfectly suited for devices with a full HD display.

OnePlus 2

The OnePlus One was an amazing smartphone and was dubbed a 'flagship killer' due to its high-end specs and low to mid-range price. This year, OnePlus, the company behind the famed smartphone, stepped things up a notch and released the OnePlus 2, and it builds on top of the solid foundations of last year's release but improves in a lot of key areas, such as the addition of a USB Type-C port, making the device future proof. On the software front, OnePlus has made some improvements as well, and within those improvements live brand new wallpapers. And today, we've compiled all of the wallpapers from the OnePlus 2 and you can download them for any device you might have.

As usual, there are two routes you can take to download the wallpapers. The first route involves selecting each wallpaper manually and saving it onto your device, or you can download everything in one fell swoop in a neatly packaged zip file from here. The choice is yours.

We found most of the wallpapers quite appealing, and having tried them on a number of devices, we have to admit that we like them a lot. But do keep in mind that the above wallpapers are suited to fit a 1080p display smartphone or tablet, so it's advised that you don't go overboard and try the backdrops on a quad HD display or higher. You'll end up with a blurry looking wallpapers, and it just looks bad.

If you didn't happen to find any wallpaper that is well suited for your needs, then be sure to check out the following:

If you'er new in the world of wallpapers, then you'll definitely find a lot of choices floating about that can instantly boost the appeal of your device's home screen. If you're asking for advice, then start off with a wallpaper with a slightly blue shade, as it's more easy on the eye and it gives the device that 'cool' feel. We all have our preferences, but that's ours.

Which OnePlus 2 wallpaper you like the most from the above posted ones? Be sure to drop your thoughts in the comments section below.