Facebook Releases New ‘Notify’ App For iPhone Users


Facebook has today released a new app called 'Notify' for iPhone users, which is basically a notifications app for keeping up to date regarding news, weather and more. More details about the app and download link can be found right here.


Facebook has several apps on the App Store at this current point in time, and the social network giant has released a new one called 'Notify,' which sends you notifications regarding all the important stuff such as news, weather, sports and much more.

From the App Store:

A quick glance at a notification on your lock screen keeps you effortlessly connected to things you care about throughout the day. Whether you’re into sports, movies, news, food, celebrities, or a bit of everything, Notify delivers notifications that matter from the sources you love all in one place.

If you're an avid Facebook user, then you already know how much noise can gather up in your timeline when you're trying to find serenity whilst sitting on a couch. Notify aims to fix all that by keeping you abreast of what's important to you the most.

Everyone has different interests, so Notify makes it easy to create a personalized mix of notifications about the latest games scores, new movie trailers, breaking news, local food and weather, cultural trends, and more. Just select the types of notifications you’re into and you’ll start getting updates from sources you know right on your lock screen.

The app is absolutely free to download and is currently available for iPhone users only and Facebook hasn't mentioned whether the app would be available for Android users or not in the near future. But judging by the fact that majority of Facebook's user base has an Android smartphone in hand, then it's highly likely that the Android version of Notify would bear fruit in the near future.


You can download Notify by Facebook directly from the App Store by tapping on this link. We highly recommend that you give the app a shot on your iPhone once, as there's a high possibility that you'll absolutely love it, provided that you actually use Facebook for news related stuff. If not, then giving it a pass would be the logical thing to do.

If you're hesitating to download the app onto your iPhone, then be sure to watch the introduction video for Notify below:


Did you try Notify? Then be sure to share your experience with us.