Download iTunes 12.4 With A Refreshed Design, Navigation Improvements, More

Apple has released iTunes 12.4 with a slightly refreshed design with easier navigation options topped off with several other changes.

iTunes 12.4 Should Have Been Released A Long Time Back, But Still, Better Late Than Never

Almost a week back it came to public knowledge that Apple was working on an iTunes update in the background which would bring with it a slightly refreshed UI in terms of design, as well as new navigation options, allowing users to flint through their music library in a snap. Fast forward to today and Apple has pushed out iTunes 12.4 with all of the above mentioned changes and more.

The complete changelog of the iTunes 12.4 release is as follows:

Now enjoy all of your music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and more in a simpler design.

Navigation. Now you can use Back and Forward buttons as you navigate between your Library, Apple Music, iTunes Store, and more.

Media Picker. Easily switch between Music, Movies, TV shows and more--and Edit to choose just the items you want.

Library and Playlists. Use Sidebar to view your Library in new ways. Drag and drop songs to easily add them to Playlists. And Edit Sidebar to show only your favorite views.

Menus. Menus in iTuns are now simpler and easier to use. Use the View menu to customize your Library or try context menus to act on specific items.

If you rely on iTunes to manage all of your music then we highly recommend that you update to iTunes 12.4 right away. And the best part is, as always, it's absolutely free to download. Simply head over to the Mac App Store's Updates section to grab iTunes 12.4, or just point your browser to if you don't have iTunes installed in the first place.

It's been quite a while iTunes has been sitting at version 12, which hints towards the fact that iTunes 13 could be with us soon. And given the fact that WWDC 2016 is right on our faces, with the event all set to kick off next month, there's a high chance Apple will utilize the stage to introduce to the world iTunes 13 with a load of major features and changes. But of course, there's also a possibility Apple deems iTunes not fit for a major update just yet and might just carry forward iTunes 12.x with slight changes in the coming months.

Let's just hope iTunes 13 becomes a reality. We're dying for a perfect music solution on our PCs and Macs!

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