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Usman Pirzada

This just in, BBM (Black Berry Messenger) for iPhone has just been released on App Store for iPhone. Download Black Berry Messenger BBM for iPhone Links are given below. BBM is a secure messenger service that uses the Black Berry PIN System to transmit messages and is highly accredited for its reliability.

Download BBM for iPhone (Direct Links)

[BBM for iPhone Download Link has been posted below]

Black Berry Messenger is one of the most reliable messaging services available today. It is highly secured and used by many high profile personalities. Infact someone would say its security is second only to the IRC (Internet Relay Chat), excluding all Encryption-Based programs. BBM works over wifi too, which is an added bonus for iPhone users.

To our knowledge the BBM Black Berry Messenger for iPhone has currently only gone online on the iPhone App Store of New Zealand. Download BBM for iPhone here.

BBM for iPhone

BBM is ready to launch for Android on Saturday, September 21st. Be sure to check out other apps to on the iPhone App Store. Android users will have to wait a little before BBM is released on the Android Platform, which should be any time now.

Black Berry Messenger service has gained critical acclaim for a reason and the fact they are expanding towards other platforms instead of a purely Blackberry based service speaks volumes. Nevertheless we still urge our users who deal in sensitive information to use Encryption over any third party based secure messaging service. However if you are the average guy looking for a highly reliable service. BBM is the way to go for you.

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