Download the Best Paid iOS Apps Gone FREE Today on iPhone & iPad


We know why you're here, that's why we have compiled a list of the best paid iOS apps gone free for you already. Hop right in start downloading.

Many Paid iOS Apps Have Gone FREE Today. Here Are the Best Ones.

We all have our go-to apps installed on our devices. But most of us love to explore what's out there on a daily basis, that too without spending a dime. If you are here to score yourself a good deal, then you are in luck. Many paid iOS apps have gone free today, and we have handpicked the best ones and created a list out of them, so you can taste the premium offerings without having to spend a single dime. Let's jump right in and see what you can download today.

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Pocket Wine - Regular price $3.99, Now FREE

This wine app is different. Would you like a wine app that puts you and your wines centre stage? Pocket Wine takes you on an exploration of wine styles and grape varieties by giving you an insight into wine that has taken others years to achieve. The app also provides you with a professional means to record your wine journey and manage your wine cellar. The app will automatically integrate your wines into the appropriate styles and grape varieties. As your wine repertoire grows, so will the app, and more importantly so will your knowledge and enjoyment of wine. At the end of the day, the only ratings or reviews of wine that really matter are your own. With knowledge comes understanding and after using the app for a little while every wine store you walk into will become an Aladdin’s Cave with many hidden treasures.

Download Pocket Wine for iOS [App Store link]

HappyDays - Regular price $1.99, Now FREE

Do you have big family? Many Friends including social friends? Did you ever forget birthday or anniversary? HappyDays reminds you the important days to remember. It supports solar and lunar calendar, d-day, and one-time or repeating events.

Download HappyDays for iOS [App Store link]

Haptic Keyboard - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

Utilizing Apple’s Taptic Engine (iPhone 7 and above), every touch gives you a satisfying click. The soft vibration makes you feel like you are typing on a real keyboard. All this is packaged in an interface that is both familiar and intuitive. Every button is deliberately placed to create an experience that you can enjoy.

Download Haptic Keyboard for iOS [App Store link]

Hearts - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

Sticker pack for you beloved one.

Impress your loved one using Hearts Emoji app.

Download Hearts for iOS [App Store link]

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Sleep Sounds - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

Fall asleep quicker with this app.
All sounds recorded with high quality stereo condenser microphones and preamps. (besides generated sounds: white pink brown noises and binaural beats)

Download Sleep Sounds for iOS [App Store link]

Crazy Halloween Sticker - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

t's time for scares, It's time for screams!
Time to indulge in sweets, watch horror movie marathons, cook pumpkins, wear scary or sexy or both costumes, experiment with makeup, party like tomorrow is the end of the world, color everything Halloween!!

Download Crazy Halloween Sticker for iOS [App Store link]

MarkLite - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

MarkLite is an markdown editor,you can use it to create beautiful formatted text document with just plain text.
MarkLite is a pure editor specifically for writers who use markdown,there is no any advertisements in app,you can focus on your creation.You can export your markdown file as html or pdf,and it is easy to sync your files with iCloud&airDrop.

Download MarkLite for iOS [App Store link]