Download Android N Developer Preview 3 Wallpapers – 4 New Additions

Rafia Shaikh
download android n wallpapers

When Google releases a test version of Android, we often also get a new wallpaper. With the release of today's Android N Developer Preview Beta also come some new wallpapers. While stock wallpapers were missing from the second developer preview that was released a few weeks back, Google has made up today with not one or two but FOUR new Android N wallpapers.

Download all the Android N wallpapers

When Android N was first previewed in March, Google released what has now become the iconic image of Android 7.0 - the pink landscape image. It gave a new look to the operating system and users having non-Nexus devices also found it easier to give their phones the deceiving looks of Android N without having to install it. Now, Google has released 4 new images for the latest version of Android, although sadly none of them carries the pink hues that we have become quite accustomed to when thinking about Android N.

If you are bored with that rosy Android N landscape image, you can now download the latest Android N stock wallpapers released today, which are the classic aerial shots of coasts. You can view them all here, and download the full resolution versions from the links shared at the end of this post. We have also added the first Android N stock wallpaper that was released back in March, in case you missed it.

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Download the high-res versions of the 4 new Android N Developer Preview 3 wallpapers here

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