Download: Adobe Photoshop Fix, Capture CC For iPhone, iPad Released

Uzair Ghani

Adobe Photoshop Fix and Capture CC apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are now available to download. We have the direct download links to the newly released apps right here.


The iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are powerful devices and are capable of pulling off a lot of things on the go. Realizing that very same fact, Adobe saw it fit to release two new apps for Apple's mobile platform, Photoshop Fix and Capture CC, both of which are available to download straight from the App Store today.

World-Class Image Editing And Asset Creation Tools Come to iPhone, iPad

Adobe Photoshop Fix is a photo retouching and repair app that makes sure that your images are given a new lease of life. The app lets you liquify, heal, patch, smooth, light or darken a photo with absolute ease, and thanks to the app's touch friendly UI, editing photos has never been this easy. Your edited photos can be sent to your desktop for even more changes using Photoshop, which by the way, can be achieved using Adobe's Creative Cloud.


Adobe Capture CC on the other hand, is an app that might not appeal to everyone. Capture CC lets you quickly create your very own design assets, such as brushes, colors and palettes, and then make them ready for use with other Adobe apps. The sync of assets will only take place if you have a Creative Cloud account.


Adobe Photoshop Fix and Capture CC are both free to download, and they are both compatible to work with iPhone and iPad devices. Which means that a single download will work across all of your gadgets regardless of the screen size.

If you're looking for a way to boost your image retouching skills or just want to create new assets to be used with other Adobe apps, then downloading the newly released software for iPhone and iPad is a no-brainer. And since they're free, universal and come from a mighty brand that is a household name when it comes to design, there's no way you should pass up on this one.

You can download Adobe Photoshop Fix from here and Capture CC from here. As we mentioned above, they're both free, and there's no harm in just trying them both out.

And if you do happen to take the apps for a spin on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, then be sure to let us know in the comments section below what you think about them.

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