Download 5 Paid iOS Apps & Games for Free Today – Direct Links


The weekend has dawned upon us and it's a great time to grab yourself some paid iOS apps and games, but for free, of course.

Here are 5 Paid iOS Apps & Games for Free to Enlighten Your Weekend

Before going ahead with the download, there is a slight chance that these offers might not be available in every region. So please, make sure you see a GET button instead of a price tag next to the app or game's name before doing anything at all.

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Commander Compass - Regular price $3.99

Commander Compass is an essential GPS toolkit for outdoors and off-road navigation. Packed with tools it serves as a hi-tech compass with maps, gyrocompass, GPS receiver, waypoint tracker, speedometer, altimeter, Sun, Moon and star finder, gyro horizon, and coordinate converter. It saves your custom places and waypoints, navigates precisely to them later, shows them on maps, displays detailed GPS info, measures distances, angles, and does a lot more.

Download Commander Compass for iOS

Busy Shapes - Regular price $2.99

Busy Shapes helps children improve their ability to handle simple objects through a series of puzzles, in which they must change simple shapes and place them in proper holes. Along the way, the app responds to each child’s actions with positive guidance and motivation. Plus, the app’s digital exploratory playground regularly refreshes with different objects, which keeps children interested and engaged.

Download Busy Shapes for iOS

Terminology - Regular price $0.99

Terminology is a browser for the English language – part dictionary/thesaurus and part research tool. Terminology makes it easy to explore words and phrases, diving down to more and less specific terms - accessing the web and other apps for more detail and sharing.

Download Terminology for iOS

iDownloads PLUS PRO - Regular price $1.99

iDownloads PLUS is the original most powerful files download app available on the App Store for more than 5 years now. The app helps you easily download files to your iPhone / iPod / iPad to work offline using with blazing-fast speeds.

Download iDownloads PLUS PRO for iOS

midimux - Regular price $6.99

midimux talks MIDI to your Mac and Windows Pc - using the standard usb to lightning or 30 pin cable.

With midimux, you are no longer forced to rely on wifi-packets or external hardware to communicate MIDI data between a Mac/Pc and an iOS Device.

It seamlessly integrates your iPad/iPhone into your studio. worry-free, reliable and at an ultra low-latency.
And it works with all apps that speak MIDI.

Download midimux for iOS

Wrap Up

And that's a wrap for today. We will see you here on the weekend once more, or maybe before that, if we are lucky enough.