Download $11 Worth Of Paid iOS Apps Absolutely Free Today – Limited Time Offer

Looking to download some brilliant paid iOS apps and games for free? Then you're in absolute luck today as we've just returned from our epic hunt to find the best freebies available on the App Store. The offer is available for a limited time and we recommend everyone to download away without hesitation!

Nighty Night Circus ($2.99 regular)


Currently Apple's free 'App of the Week,' the title is great to have if you want your child to relax and get some good night's sleep. The app's artwork is absolutely amazing, and according to developers, the title is being utilized by 3 million parents around the globe. You can download Nighty Night Circus from here.

Start By Tack ($0.99 regular)

Start By Tack

If you've been looking for a "gesture-driven alarm, timer and stopwatch" then look no further than Start By Tack. You can use the app to specify an action, for example, launch an installed app when a timer goes off or your alarm kicks into action. You can download Start By Tack from here.

Couch Music Player ($2.99 regular)


An amazing app for the iPad that turns your tablet into an instant jukebox. If you love taking your music a little too seriously, Couch Music Player must be in your arsenal of apps right now. You can download Couch Music Player from here.

Kapsula ($1.99 regular)


If you've been craving for some fast paced gaming lately, then all need to do is download Kapsula on your iPhone or iPad. Kapsula is a puzzle / racer set in a future Soviet colony of clones and features intense gameplay that is bound to keep you hooked for hours on end. You can download Kapsula from here.

Slayin ($0.99 regular)


There are plenty of action RPG titles available on the App Store, but there's nothing quite like Slayin. Why? Because it's an 'endless' action RPG. Which means you can keep on playing this bad boy without worrying about it ever hitting a wall. You can download Slayin from here.

Echo Prime ($0.99 regular)

Echo Prime

Echo Prime is a brilliant action game that features stellar graphics, epic gameplay and it grants you the ability to "Battle hordes of dangerous alien creatures, space pirates, and killer mercenaries with blaster and blade as you travel from star to star, uncovering the secrets of the multiverse." What can possibly go wrong, right? You can download Echo Prime from here.

And that's all there is for today. Be sure to check back again next week for more free apps and games like the ones listed above. Till then, download away, and be sure to let us know in the comments section what you think about the freebies.

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