How To Downgrade iOS 9.3.5


Here's how you can downgrade iOS 9.3.5 to iOS 9.3.4 in a few easy steps on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

Downgrade iOS 9.3.5 Today If You Think You've Made A Mistake Upgrading

Earlier in the day Apple made the big move and stopped signing iOS 9.3.3 and iOS 9.3.2. This meant users who had updated to iOS 9.3.4 could no longer downgrade to the aforementioned firmware. Furthermore, this also meant that users could no longer downgrade to jailbreak using Pangu.

Now, it seems as though Apple wants to keep the ball rolling on the software side of the fence by releasing iOS 9.3.5 download, which happens to tighten the noose on security for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch users. And quite frankly, if you're seeking for a personal opinion on the matter, we highly recommend sticking with iOS 9.3.5 as it patches an extremely grave security flaw with iOS. But, of course, you might have your own reasons to stick with older firmware such as iOS 9.3.4, so we totally can't argue with that.

Nonetheless, here are the steps you should follow in order to downgrade iOS 9.3.5 to iOS 9.3.4.

Downgrade iOS 9.3.5 Tutorial

Before you begin, we highly recommend taking a backup of your data using either iCloud or iTunes. Downgrading iOS firmware erases everything off your device.

1. Download the iOS 9.3.4 firmware file for your device from here.

2. Assuming you have iTunes installed on your computer, connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using the supplied USB cable.

3. Launch iTunes if it didn't launch automatically.

4. Select your device from the top left hand corner of iTunes.

5. See that 'Restore iPhone' button in the center? Click on it while holding down the left 'Shift' key (Windows) or the left 'Option' key (Mac).

6. When a new pop-up window comes into view, simply select the iOS 9.3.4 firmware file you downloaded in step 1 of this tutorial.

As soon as you double click on the firmware file, the downgrade process will start to begin. During this time we do not recommend doing anything else since you want everything to go as smoothly as possible.

Wrap Up

If you're not reliant on a jailbreak at all - and keep in mind there isn't any for iOS 9.3.4, at least publicly - then we urge everyone to upgrade to iOS 9.3.5 as it patches three critical flaws that allowed a hacker to snoop on your phone calls, read your text messages and whatnot. Basically, anything before iOS 9.3.5 is a security nightmare and iOS 9.3.5 is the only cure.

But of course, the final decision on which side of the fence you wish to sit on lies with you.