DOOM Lead Programmer: 4K Gaming On Xbox Scorpio Is A “Waste of Resources”

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Using the 6TFLOPS of computing power within the Xbox Scorpio for 4k gaming is a waste of resources says DOOM’s lead renderer programmer. The available power should better be used for higher fidelity 1080p gaming.

Upon the announcement of “Project Scorpio”, Microsoft promised true native 4K gaming without compromises. With 6 teraflops of computing power and 320gb/s of memory bandwidth, Xbox head Phil Spencer said the Scorpio will be the most powerful console ever created. Microsoft’s focus is true 4K gaming, but developers will have a choice on how they will use the power within the Scorpio.

I think people get confused and say our messaging is weird. Not every developer is going to use it that way. Not every developer is going to decide to take that 6TFLOPs and do 4K/60fps with it. They might decide for their game, their engine that they want to do something different and that’s fine. But our goal is to build a box that delivers true 4K games at the same level of fidelity that you see on your current Xbox One games. That is the box we are building. We know we can do it.”, Microsoft’s senior director of product management, Albert Penello, told The Inner Circle recently.

Although capable of rendering in native 4K, the Scorpio remains a console at first, and according to id Software’s lead renderer programmer, Tiago Sousa,  using those 6 teraflops to achieve 4K is a waste. The computing power should better be used for higher fidelity gaming in 1080P, even more so considering the larger distance between consoles and tvs.

Do you agree with Sousa on this matter? Should developers opt for higher fidelity 1080P gaming or focus on rendering in 4K? Leave your comments below.

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, “The Xbox Scorpio”, is scheduled for a release somewhere in 2017, presumably during the holiday season.

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